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What to expect in the Ultimate GRC Starter Kit

Check Circle v2

Learn where Excel is error-prone and where it lacks in being an audit-proof documentation tool for compliance requirements. Boosting GRC with a specialized solution means: better collaboration, less errors, increased information security, preparing audits efficiently, analyzing risks, and use automation as well as synergy effects for all those tasks. Additionally, the starter kit gives valuable hands-on advice on how to get better compliance with higher overall resilience.

Elements of holistic GRC

Elements of GRC v2

In today’s dynamic business environment, GRC know-how and tool support are vital pillars to ensure sustainable growth and resilience. Understanding and streamlining these core components is the key:

  • Laws and regulations: Being compliant to legal requirements is essential for your organization to secure your reputation and competitiveness.
  • Risk management: Risks can be a danger to your objectives, no matter if this is about audits, projects or information security. By identifying, clustering and prioritizing you systematically deal with potential threads.
  • Compliance management: The best rule, standard or guideline is worthless if you can’t proof that it is implemented into daily work routine. Therefore, control questions, reminders and documentation are essential.
  • Audit management: All your actions and measure to secure your projects, product, service and process quality, as well as information security, can be managed and documented in one single tool.

An all-in-one GRC ecosystem

Empower your business with robust GRC practices. Elevate your brand. Secure your future.

The OMNITRACKER Governance, Risk and Compliance Center is a scalable integrated compliance and risk management solution for every industry. Our GRC Center combines audit software, vendor assessments, business continuity, document management with risk management—every component perfectly interacting with each other and customizable to your individual needs.

Discover our GRC solution

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Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure.

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